Philadelphia Eagles Foles & BurtonSuper Bowl LII Philly Special” Display (SGA Signature Engraved Plate Feat. Play Diagram) Framed

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The Philly Special! Zach Ertz’s Slant & Dive Game-Winning TD! The Strip Sack of Brady! So many great moments in what many consider to be the best Super Bowl ever, start to finish. And it had one of the best underdog stories in NFL history, as backup QB (and Super Bowl MVP!) Nick Foles led the Eagles to victory over the heavily-favored Patriots. And two back-ups were instrumental in executing one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history…The Philly Special. With the Eagles facing a critical moment, up 15-12 in the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl against the greatest dynasty in NFL history, staring down a fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line, Coach Pederson could have taken the points. He could have kicked. He could have even run the ball up the middle with one of his big backs. Instead, he let his backup tight end (Trey Burton) throw a pass to his backup quarterback after his third-down back took a direct snap from a shotgun formation. Are you kidding!? No Philly fan will ever forget the play and we’ve created a Sports Gallery Exclusive Display to commemorate it. This very cool display features 8×10 photos of Trey’s Throw and Nick’s Catch, along with a white plate laser-engraved diagram of the play. Also included on the plate is the scoreboard reading (score, down, yard line, time remaining, play clock, etc.) at the time of the play. But that’s not all! This beauty is also part of our SGA Signature Series that includes Sports Gallery Exclusive laser-engraved facsimile signatures, in this case featuring the autographs of BOTH Burton and Foles, along with ‘The Philly Special’ and ‘Super Bowl LII Champions’. SGA Quality Framed in black wood moulding and Eagles matting, this beauty is a MUST-HAVE for any Eagles fan! Just the perfect collectible and Sports Art celebrating the perfect play!



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