A Bronx Tale Quotes 10×20 Framed Subway Sign

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A Bronx Tale has been regarded as one the best written and acted coming-of-age dramas to be released.  The story, written by iconic movie star, Chazz Palminteri, has been shared with millions through a Book, Film, Broadway and ‘One Man Show’ that has toured globally.  The story, based on real events, discusses a young man’s struggle between choosing the leadership of his father or the guidance of a local crime boss.  Ultimately, the young man realizes that both father figures offer the same advice to not waste his talent, but in different ways. Steiner Sports has partnered with Chazz Palminteri to create a line of products that focus on the content of, ‘A Bronx Tale’.  The products carry the message of ‘The Saddest Thing In Life is Wasted Talent’; a message that has guided Chazz Palminteri choices and made him one of Hollywood’s most respected actors.**This Item is not eligible for discount codes or promotions.**



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