Antonio Conte Defends His Tactics Against Manchester City

Manchester City once again proved their invincibility by beating The Blues 1-0 in Premier League’s Sunday match (Source: Some critics believe that this loss should be accounted to Conte’s poor tactics. While the game was supposed to end with a draw for both sides, City’s Bernardo Silva managed to found a gap in Chelsea defense and scored the decisive goal in 46th minute.

However, Chelsea’s manager, Antonio Conte, refused to take the blame. He said that while he is very open to critic, he is not such a manager who will allow City to go away with 3 or 4 goals with ease. He later compared the critics poured upon him and Chelsea with Arsenal, still believing that there was nothing wrong with their defense.

He told the critics are so unfair. He also reminded them of how they treated Arsenal for conceding 3 goals in just 30 minutes. Despite they only conceded 1 goal instead of three, Conte said the critics are all baseless and therefore should never be considered.

He said, “I think that the pundit has to use the head to understand when you speak about tactics because I think that you must have the knowledge to speak about tactics and not only to speak in a stupid way.”

Chelsea was actually playing good enough during the first half. They managed to hold Pep Guardiola’s side from attacking their defense. It was so solid that Guardiola himself had to wait until Bernardo Silva quickly passed Marcos Alonso to receive David Silva’s Cross and stroke the decisive goal in the 46th minute. His goal allows City to sit at the top of the table with an 18-point lead.

Chelsea, at the other side, was probably too focused on their defense. They nearly did nothing to move forward City’s defense, leaving Ederson a complete bystander.

It was another disappointing game for Conte and his players. This match leaves them at the fifth place, 5 points below Tottenham Hotspurs.

A game of patience

Manchester City’s tactics and talented players are more than enough to make them worthy of Premier League title. With only 1 game they lost against Wigan Athletic, no one seems to be on their path towards the Premier League title.

Guardiola seems to understand his opponents well. Unlike his usual dazzling brilliance, he chose a more patient way when dealing with Conte’s forces yesterday. Instead of playing an aggressive game, he chose to play it slow. He put Chelsea’s players into their defense mode, allowing City’s player to enjoy their dominance over the ball and the game itself. He forced Conte to put all his efforts to defend their post and left them with no option to strike back.

After so many victories they have earned and 902 passes, City surely knows how to play and win a game without putting too much effort. Their decision to use patience, instead of force eventually gave them the victory they seek. Conte’s mistake is when he believed in his cautious approach. He put too much effort in the defense and nearly did nothing to strike back.


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